Tuesday, September 18, 2007

WSJ: Superbike riders die

Yup. That's true. Give a guy 160 hp with a 500 lb bike, no training and a double digit IQ and there's bound to be problems: (Quote below - link is inside paid subscription)
Superbike riders suffer much higher death rates than riders of other kinds of bikes...

In 2005, riders 40 or older accounted for 47% of motorcycle fatalities, compared with 24% 10 years earlier. In the same period, the fatality percentage for riders younger than 30 years of age fell to 32% from 41%. Safety officials attribute this in part to a tendency of "returning" riders to overestimate their ability to handle the latest powerful bikes. "

You have a lot of people saying, 'I'm in my 40s and I want to start riding motorcycles again,'" says Daniel Lonsdorf, director of the Wisconsin Bureau of Transportation Safety. "But these aren't the same motorcycles they remember from 20 years ago."

Ah, but that new 'Busa is a bad motor scooter...

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