Friday, September 14, 2007

AirTran - Vent of the day: Charge for seat?

Some of my family is getting together in Phoenix for a 50th anniversary (woohoo!) In researching flights - always a frustrating endeavor - I finally decided to fly AirTran since they had the cheapest flight. The most surprising thing? They charge for seat assignments. That's right - if I use their website to choose my own seat I pay $5 for coach or $15 for an exit row. Sounds like extortion to me, since if you don't choose your seat you get the dredges of the plane. Personally, I've flown AirTran only a handful of times, and have always hated it (I'm a Delta flier).

The funniest part of this story has to be the comment by Blake (my 8 year old son): He told me that he hated to be mean or anything, but he doubted that anyone would pay attention to me writing about buying a ticket on the web...too true, too true :)


grantbob said...

I've never had a problem on AirTran but I think the last few times I flew with them you couldn't pick your seat. So I was OK with the $5.

I've spent more time on Delta planes on the ground than I have on them in the air. So I can't really say I love them.

I hang on the edge of your every word.

Curtis Forrester said...

thanks Grant. Flying is delightful in general, so any problems surprise me. I just see all that ground time in the plane as precious bonding time between me and my iPhone.