Thursday, September 27, 2007

iPhone Update (not)

The blogosphereama is all a buzz with news of the new iPhone software update 1.1.1 - so, adventurous as I am I just checked: no update available. It's saying that 1.0.2 is the current version. Interesting. Guess things take longer to get across the InterWeb to the South.

Update (in the update): I got to thinking...I updated iTunes to the latest 7.4.2 (which blocks the hack allowing any song to be installed as a ringtone for free) and voila! the 1.1.1 update magically appeared. Ah, and people got irate at Microsoft for their forceful marketing tactics...

Update: iBrick...stay tuned

Update: Well, the iBrick was restored and the 1.1.1 firmware is on it now. Everything else appears to be correctly restored except photos. The iTunes setting to synchronize photos was unchecked for some reason so none of my pictures were on the phone. Now I have a "Last Roll" and "Camera Roll" (Previously only a single category).

They've changed the icon for charging - looks like a plug now. Much better. The iTunes for WiFi is very quick - optimized for revenue, I'd say...

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