Saturday, September 22, 2007

New Apple Store Opening

I still remember hearing about the first Apple store opening in New York I think. People said they were crazy. Yup, like a fox. In this area there are stores, now, at Lennox, Northpoint, Perimeter malls and now the Mall of Georgia.

The Mall of Georgia is the latest sighting of the seemingly unstopable incursion of Steve Job's band of artistic nerds. They are giving away T-shirts to the first 1000 people; I'm seriously
wondering if there might be that many in the line in front of me. The Northpoint community church drummer in the line with me thinks its close...

Update: We were about 350th or so. At the opening there were about 500 people in line. The store is really nice - a bit bigger than Northpoint and laid out nicely.

They have people in the store that must specialize on store openings. We spoke with one man who was walking the lines answering questions - this was his 5th store opening. They really have it down, and the hype machine turned up. On the opening their announcement brought resounding cheers from the employees and those of us in the line. Lots of energy; lots of true Believers.

Blake and I were able to get shirts; his is just a little large for him, but he wore it proudly. Ah, another generation of cult membership.


Kim said...

He is a geek-in-training. Very cute.

Curtis Forrester said...

You know it. He's very excited about this opening; we have a new Meca to travel to on weekends.

The best part of it is the Starbucks is right across the hall - nice.