Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mamma says...

Wonderful insights can be had simply by recounting an experience to someone with a pleasant sense of humor and terrific memory for movie lines. I'm convinced that all life lessons can be illustrated by some movie line. If it's been thought, there's probably a line in a movie that said it.

I was sharing how I felt my first couple of years in a public university after having been brought up in Seventh-day Adventist schools all my life. Schools, church, and home - that was where I learned about life and all that is. Enter real-world stage right and my perceptions of what is true is constantly in conflict with a world never was. I signed up for Anthropology 101 because everyone said it was as easy A. The first class brings the subject of an old Earth and evolution and I'm at the registrars office that afternoon dropping the class and switching to Biology 101 instead (a much harder class, that also talked about evolution...). Never mind all my misconceptions about religion and other denominations.

As my friend listened he started laughing and said that it sounded like...well, you'll see:

Friday, May 4, 2007

2007 Hooters Calendar

Alright, I'm a guy and some things are just natural. 2007 Hooters Calendar.