Thursday, November 1, 2007

Leopard chapter 2

Well, I got home and restarted the iMac to figure out what the wireless problem was. It came back up and the wireless was working just fine. Go figure. It took me about a millisecond to change the desktop from the funky aurora whatever to something nicer. I like the Japanese temple by the lake. Peaceful. It'd make a great summer home :)

I've played around with it a little - the bomb! I can access my windows shares on my servers and desktop machine. I had never gotten that to work before but now I entered my Windows credentials in the login popup and can see the shared folders. Awesome.

I also like the spaces - the multiple desktops. And over all it feels snappier, though some things are slower to come up. I like that when I turned on my Western Digital "My Book" external drive (with the intention of setting up the "Time Machine" backup service) the OS popped up a message asking if I wanted to use it for the Time Machine and automatically set it up. Nice.

I really like the Parental Controls - there was some before but I think it's been updated. It looks very useful.

So ya - I think I'll keep it :)

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Jeff said...

Have faith in Steve. He'll take care of your computer.