Friday, November 23, 2007

iPhone update - iBrick yet again

Ok - I'm never updating my iPhone again. This sux - I finally get around to updating it and I get an error "The iPhone ...could not be updated. An unknown error occurred (1602)". It's a known iBrick party. WTF? I don't remember if that was the same error I got for 1.1.1.

This is pretty stupid. Both times I've updated the software it has failed and this phone has not been hacked. I learned a lesson, though - sync the phone first (that is, say 'No friggin way' to the update message when the iPhone is connected) and do a normal sync. Then go back and update the software if that's what you want to do. I've lost all the data on my phone since the sync yesterday. That means the notes and numbers, etc that I got from visiting family yesterday for Thanksgiving are all lost. Probably all the pictures too - though iPhoto may have gotten them first. Nice.

Oh, and restoring a few gig's of data? Ya - settle in. It takes a good while... I figure the battery will be mostly charged up by the time it's done, though.


grantbob said...

Sounds like a case of DIW.

Jeff said...

Mine works.

Anonymous said...

Mine works well.
It is important to back up all your data first, including photos, before doing an update - that's one of the cardinal rules of upgrading software. You must be a neophyte.
Upgrades are important not only for security purposes, but for the software applications as well. For example, Google may change it's google maps protocol. Thus the maps app may fail and need an upgrade.

Curtis Forrester said...

@anonymous: Yawn - everyone's an expert. You must be a neophyte for trying to act the expert and lecture someone on security.