Wednesday, June 18, 2008

No Business like Milk Business

Every morning we have our breakfast in the hotel overlooking the street. Our hotel is right in the center of this farming village. There are at least three working farms withing nostril distance from the hotel.

This ole boy drives his tractor out every morning around 8am, disconnects the trailer, leaving two large canisters that are filled with raw milk - I assume cream and all. Around 8:30 a very large milk truck pulls up and the guy pulls out a large hose and "vacuums" up the milk into the truck. He pulls off and sometime soon after Farmer Dell backs up his tracker and returns the canisters to the ready position for the next morning.

There are a lot of these smaller district operations - from mills, to bakeries and the many farms. All around us are fields with wheat, oats and hay. Very nice community. Very slow pace of living. Still dangerous to cross the road because slow translates differently with the drivers here.

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