Sunday, June 15, 2008

Germany or Bust

I arrived to the Airport in Atlanta to find Karl already hard at work. Well, ok, maybe charging up the new camera.

On the plane, Puggie and I are all ready for the long flight across the pond.
Ah, arrival at the hotel. Charming and set in the country. This is a view toward the front of the office across a nice garden...
Turn just a little to the right and the garden turns into the farm.

The weather is very pleasant. It's cooler than Atlanta by far. All in all very beautiful. It's fortunate that Karl had the forethought to order GPS/Navigation with our little Mercedes B170 rental. Yes, iPhone plotted a correct trip, but the roads were not marked well enough to follow the directions.

Update: Pictures
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grantbob said...

Yay. You made it. What's a Merc? Mercury?

Curtis Forrester said...

Mercedes B170 - little SUV car.

Kim said...

Cool. . .keep us posted on the trip. Lots of pictures. :)