Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dinner in Haag

Dinner in Haag last night was great. I ordered a Pesto spagetti and Karl a pizza with some dead animal, an egg in the center, and creatively partitioned with cheese. As the 2nd picture reveals - he liked it. We've eaten very well here so far, which is exactly what we expected. The Italian restaurant we had lunch at today was great. The owner was a total character. No one could figure out how to translate a German word for something that was with tomatoes on a salad. He dashed off to the kitchen and returned with a half a cucumber: "Gerken" he declared. Ah, replied I: "Cucumber". After slaughtering the English word he resorted to insulting it and returning to the German. Seems it sounded just too silly to him. As well it does... Gerke

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Kim said...

Looks like Karl ate an octopus.