Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Time for Timing Problems

So, my theory was that since my computer - which does not receive Microsoft's automatic updates which have caused horrendous problems in the past -- since it was synchronizing time with a NIST timeserver would be set correctly this morning after our mini-Y2K disaster. Nope. In fact, I manually tried to "Update Now" with several (like 8) different timeservers and all of them reported back with the wrong time. 8:32 rather than the correct 9:32.

One of my servers (a really old one) that is running Windows 2003 has the correct time (inexplicably) while the other server (the newer rack-mounted one) also running Windows 2003 is wrong. My Linux box running my Wiki is correct.

My wall clock which is radio corrected is happy and correct this morning also.

Update: after applying Microsoft's magical fix in their update the time jumped ahead an hour. So, I had manually set it correct so now it was an hour too far ahead. No problem, I set it back. Then I went to update time with a time server and now for some strange reason it continues to fail. "An error occurred while Windows was synchronizing with x". Interesting...

So let's summarize the logic of this "fix" by Microsoft:
  1. Update the system time ahead 1 hour
  2. Disable synchronization with those evil time servers which probably will be wrong
  3. um, i guess that's all we need?

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