Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Webkinz are fun

My son jumped on the Webkinz bandwagon. Actually, I finally bought him one after trying to keep him away after having other parents tell me it was like crack for their kids. As a one-time EverQuest II player, I totally understand.

I also have my own webkinz per Blake's request. Actually, it's a neat environment. Here's my room so far:
We've planted gardens: Blake has harvested his tomatoes:

Froggie's gonna be eating some nice juicy tomatoes. That's "Puggie" next to him.

My garden's coming along too. I already harvested a Pumpkin but didn't capture a pic.

It's a pretty neat business idea. Take a 50 cent stuffed animal, partner with a software environment and sell the animal for $12-14. The software is all flash and mostly pretty simple, but neatly designed for kids. It's safe since there is no possibility of free-form chat communications. (I guess they had it initially but have closed that area.) It crashes sometimes and Blake has a plant floating in space and can't move it. But over all, pretty neat. It's sort of a Second Life type of environment, but on a much smaller scale.


grantbob said...

Do you have Animal Crossing Wild World for the DS?

Curtis Forrester said...

I don't - i need to check it out.