Friday, August 17, 2007

Back in germany

I enjoyed seeing Paris, truly I did. Yet I left early to return to Germany. I simply enjoyed Germany more. I'm back in Frankfurt now and have enjoyed wandering around the city. This town certainly has the buildings. It reminds me a lot of wandering around the business district of San Francisco. Lots of tall and new buildings. Lots of glass. Hope they don't get an earthquake here anytime soon.

Paris was good. I saw Le Louvre and Mona - she was the main attraction, yet there were far superior paintings in my humble (and totally uneducated) opinion. What wasinteresting was to see how may people were packed in front of her. Of all the exhibits she drew the most.

I also wandered around the streets and stopped at shops. The coffee was great and though there were rude and impatient people (like most of the drivers) I found the people charming. The waiter at one of the shops moved so quick I hardly saw him. I asked for a coffee and he was gone before I could ask for a menu. He dropped my coffee off while I was looking the other way and was gone by the time I tuned. A minute later I was wondering if I would need to hunt him down to pay and turned and my bill was sitting on the table - when he came with it I don't know. He didn't bring it with the coffee. It reminded me of the butler in that Garfield movie (woosh).

I'll upload pictures later. The iPhone won't work (for some reason) with the wireless in this cafe. Oh, and speaking of iPhone: if you travel by train from Paris to Germany - be sure to turn off and back on your phone. It won't automatically find the new carrier...

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