Monday, January 29, 2007

Firefox - honeymoon over?

This 2.0 version is really ticking me off. I've been using Firefox since it first came out, and was using Mozilla before that (and Netscape before that). But this 2.0 is the worst version yet. True, they've made it a bit fancier and I like the tab enhancements. I love that new windows can be configured to open in a new tab by default. I hate that it seems to crash hourly. When you use a browser as much as I do (as a developer) crashes get very annoying.

This new version has crashed, on estimated average, about 5 times a day now. The previous version crashed about never. At first I thought it might be caused by Firebug (it may), but I was running Firebug previously with no troubles. Oh well, still beats I.E., 7...

Oh, and why does Blogger's spell checker flag "Firefox" as a misspelled word, but not Firebug? Hmmm. Guess the honeymoon really is over.

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